Train a personal AI assistant on your knowledge base.

Start creating your own GPT-powered chatbot models by connecting your Notion pages to BrainBox.

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Let us show you how it works.

Although there are many tools to build a knowledge base, gaining real insight remains challenging. What's the use of building untapped knowledge? Maybe a personal AI assistant could help out...

Here’s what you can expect from the tool.

We are working to make BrainBox an all-round intelligence tool that offers valuable insight in your personal knowledge base. Starting today, you can interrogate your BrainBox on the content of your Notion pages and databases. Soon, you will be able to feed your BrainBox data from different sources and interact with it in different ways.

Create multiple AI models on the data of your choice.

Every BrainBox is unique. Specify the data it can access so your model only learns from relevant pages in your knowledge base. Ask the right questions to the right BrainBox. This is particularly helpful when your data is structured within different teams, themes or major sections.

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User Feedback & Requests

Get feedback on where your info comes from

With every response, you receive a list of all the source pages that your BrainBox has used to formulate an answer. This feedback is crucial to keep an overview of your knowledge base.

Hey, what’s next on our product roadmap?

Up next is support for team accounts, which is scheduled to be launched in the next 3 weeks.


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Regular updates

Your BrainBox undergoes regular updates to include new knowledge. If you prefer to speed up the update process, you can always initiate manual updates.

Flexible pricing that scales.

We believe it is important to make BrainBox and the benefits it brings available for free. Real insight should not be exclusive. Unfortunately, however, running and improving BrainBox comes with a cost. That is why we added paid plans for our most intensive users.


For those with limited questions about a specific topic.

0 per month

25.000 words (input)

50 monthly questions


For those with frequent daily questions to an all-round assistant.

15 per month

250.000 words (input)

500 monthly questions


For those wanting even more, a custom deal can be made.

Custom Quote

unlimited data

unlimited questions